Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corsa Moto Classica April 2010

Another year with AHMRA at Willow Springs Corsa Moto Classica. A three day event that procured some amazing weather with some wind. Several Cretins races showed up to this years event.
Round two for me in AHRMA Battle of the twins F2. I also brought out my 1970 CB 450 and raced it both days in Sportsman 500.

Day one,
Battle of Twins F2. Kiyo Watanabe on an 04 Suzuki would run out front. I followed behind until I was over taken by Loyd Johnson on a Ducati. It was a fun and hard race, but I finished 3rd.
In Sportsman 500, I would finish 2nd. My right carburater kept cutting out on the straight aways.

Day 2, I ran out front from the line but was over taken by Kiyo in turn two. I stayed with him tight all the way around the track. On the second lap, Kiyo ran hot down the omega and lost his front tire in turn 5. I would persist and finish in 1st.
In Sportsman 500. I got my carburator issues resolved. Toad Town racer Darly Foster ran out front, but by turn 7 I would over power him. By the end of the race I had over a 10 second lead on the pack followed by Chris Frei on a 68 CB 450.
Here is some footage from that race.

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