Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something cool posted on Youtube. Ari and I racing each other on our CB's in AHRMA , and then I crash! haha Enjoy.


The bike has been coming along. Countless hours of paint, fabrication, and modification. We hope to have the bike ready for this weekend, but the heads are still not done for the new motor. So, we will test the bike out this weekend at the races and see how she feels.

The fleet. I think I need a bigger shop. haha

Bub exhaust and custom design rear set brackets made by Eric Orr.

Dual front disk with better forks

Mono Penski Shock, aluminum swing arm, and 180 rear tire with Astro light wheels. Sweet!

Old blue next to Utimazurra

Custom paint and sticker done by yours truely, and of course our new sponsor "FleetServe" sticker.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Sponsor added today. Super Thanks!!!

Today, Ed and I gained a sponsor called Fleet Serve. This will help with race tire expenses for the 2009 Season.
I added their web site to this blog sites sponsor list. Check it out! The company's name is Fleet Serve.
FleetServe is your first choice in fleet service and maintenance. At FleetServe they service your fleet vehicles and gas/oil field service equipment during off hours ensuring regular maintenance and peak fleet performance without costly equipment down time. From regular oil and filter exchanges to more complex maintenance and inspections, FleetServe gives fleet managers and owners peace of mind without costly down time.

Thanks Mike Curtis!